At Centers for Pain Relief, it is our mission to


optimize pain relief through consultation,


direct care, and patient education. We always


employ the most advanced and innovative


techniques in the pain field. Our goal is to


relieve pain in the most minimally invasive


fashion possible for the patient. We strive to


enhance our patients quality of life through


individualized care and compassion.


Tell us where it hurts


When you come for your

first visit, our physicians will

take time to do a complete

physical and a complete

health history. By giving

detailed answers to our

doctors, and by using a

number of tools, like pain

scales, pain diaries and

diagrams, you can better

describe your pain and

help us understand

exactly how you're feeling.

Symptoms we treat


Back Pain

Neck Pain

Arm - Leg Numbness

Cancer Related Pain


Chronic Pain Syndrome

Phantom Limb Pain

Myofascial Pain

Intercostal Pain

Post Surgical Pain

Muscle Spasms

Radiculopathy Joint Pain

Extremity Pain

Nerve Pain


Head and Facial Pain


Diagnosis and treatment


To accurately diagnose

your pain problem, we may

recommend neurological

testing, laboratory screening,

radiological examinations

and/or behavior assessments.

We offer dozens of treatment

options ranging from

non-surgical and state-of-the-art

intervention pain-therapies

to medication management.



We dont work to manage your pain. We work to Relieve it.